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Clippy's food five

Updated: May 20, 2023

Follow these simple food rules to establish good habits for the future, easy, simple and you can start now for you and your family.

Everyday we're bombarded with information and choosing which rules and regulations to follow is tricky, did you know in Thailand it's considered rude to put a fork in your mouth, in the UK, it's polite to put your fork & knife together on a plate to show that you've finished. In Italy you should only drink cappuccino before midday - I've worked with Italians and this is so true....

Which is why I thought this blog post would be an easy introduction into changing your habits, it's simple and not complicated. Here we go....

Rules to follow:

  1. Don't’ throw anything out away - as long as it’s not going bad you can always make something out of it - Vegetable scrap soup made with chicken bones from leftover roast dinner

  2. Tinned, frozen, and dry foods are not your enemy - they actually save time and money - take Clippy's cheats samosas - using tinned carrots, peas and potatoes wrapped up in easy peasy wholewheat wraps

  3. Freezer is your friend, you can prep, freeze and defrost for the busy times in the week when you need extra time to do other chores, this is a meal time winner. HEAT AND EAT.

  4. Practically every dish can be made into two Clippy’s secret veggie sauce - pasta and pizza topping add water/stock to make into a soup

  5. However random the ingredient you can always make something out of odd tins and jars - such as a chilli salsa for grilled chicken or veggie sausages - jar of peppers, leftover herbs, garlic, lemon/lime juice or cider vinegar, or homemade hummus using a tin of beans and olive oil and garlic

Each of these can be used everyday, to help build habits, using leftovers, saving money and time. Click the link below to find more tips...


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