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About Clippy's


Coaching, training and mentoring are at the core of Clippy's, starting off at grassroots level to managing million pound deals with customers across the globe, Clippy’s focuses on providing training and coaching using food as the medium to encourage new skills to help build better habits. These new skills  can then be utilised elsewhere in people's lives to support them on their journey. 

Clippy's began with the UK's first innovative products containing less sugar. These products were sold in over 800 Tesco stores as well as Morrisons, Asda, Ocado and Waitrose, exporting to the USA, Europe and China. By reducing sugar in people's diets, Clippy's contributed to helping people change their habits. Since the sugar tax was introduced in 2018, sugar consumption has decreased considerably, by around half in children and a third in adults. 

At Clippy's we strive to help people make healthier eating and lifestyle choices by providing guidance on diet choices, cooking from scratch, creating stress-free meal times, cooking to a budget, and batch cooking whilst building sustainable habits.

History & Process

Food has an important role to play from a cultural and sociological perspective. 

How people use food, what they do, where they eat, how they consume, what problems they face, as well as the journey of our food from mouth to gut and what happens when this doesn't quite work as well. Over the past 20 years Clippy's have taught all over the UK and engaged with thousands of people and their relationship with food and changing their habits. 

With Clippys, you can save time and money while still eating healthy.

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