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My Story

Michelle 'Clippy' McKenna founded the food & drink brand Clippy's. Clippy's is still involved within the food sector.

I have progressed my love of food into encouraging and supporting people to form new habits related to developing healthier and more nutritionally balanced lifestyles, whether that’s through teaching, coaching or developing and launching innovative products containing less sugar. These products were sold in Tesco, Morrisons, Asda, Ocado and Waitrose as well as exporting to the USA, Europe and China. 

The Clippy’s brand now focuses on providing training and coaching using food as the catalyst for healthy minds and bodies, to encourage and bring about change in our relationship with food.
Whilst studying for my degree in my late 20's, I discovered that food has an important role to play from a cultural and sociological perspective. This is how I came up with the idea of Clippy's - it's taken from my nickname - Clippy - due to my love of hairclips!!

I have taken on many roles within my career, such as writing for the Huffington Post, a local radio presenter, business advisor to the UK Government and a published author - click here for details.

As well as various radio & TV programmes from MasterChef & Great British Menu to having a mini 'jam off' live on Alan Titchmarsh. I've always worked in and around food since I was a teenager. All this has helped to formulate each of my training programs as well as private sessions/tutorials. 

To get a feel for me and my style check out my Youtube channel which has all of my appearances on TV and radio. For details click here

History & Process

Whilst developing food & drink products for Clippy's, using less sugar and more fruit. I was also very interested in how people use food, what they do, where they eat, how they consume, what problems they face, as well as the journey of our food from mouth to gut and what happens when this doesn't quite work as well. Over the past 20 years I've taught all over the UK and engaged with thousands of people and their relationship with food. 

In addition to this in 2018, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) it is an autoimmune and inflammatory disease. I decided that I would change my lifestyle & diet and reduce the painful effects of RA.

Following a carefully researched plan alongside my RA consultant, I greatly reduced the amount of food that sets off an inflammatory response such as flesh based food, alcohol, caffeine, sugar and gluten. This helped me understand my bodies reaction to these foods, which now means I follow a diet & lifestyle plan that is balanced without these restrictions.

My son is also a very fussy little boy, he was a skinny fry & ultra processed chicken nugget kinda of guy, his habits were entrenched in his core personality, along side my 4 basic rules for habit forming I have managed to encourage a new neural pathway pertaining to food & lifestyle.

Clippy's four habit rules:
1. The habit should be obvious - something you want to change, by writing them all down and categorising them into good, bad or in the middle. Then we can move onto the next step. 
2. The habit should be attractive - the more attractive the more likely you are to own it and make it part of you - I want to walk 10,000 steps as day, equals weight loss and the overall feeling of well-being.
3. It should be easy to follow - repeat that habit on a daily basis and it becomes easier, like drinking a class of water every morning upon waking.
4. The habit should be satisfying - make it a pleasurable experience, the more likely you are to stick to that habit. Such as walking those 10,000 steps, you can listen to new music of podcasts. 

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