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Learn skills to build better habits

Welcome to Clippy's, helping people learn skills to build better habits through the medium of food.

​Clippy's delivers a number of bespoke on-line and in-person workshops to help people future proof their lives. These can be individual sessions, work place team events or community based initiatives.  


By introducing small, incremental healthier steps into a daily routine, it can have a profound impact on a person’s overall health. By gradually adopting these healthier habits, people can boost their energy levels, strengthen their immune system, and reduce their risk of developing chronic diseases.


As the ​founder of Clippy's, previous roles include food entrepreneur supplying thousands of supermarkets across the globe, business & food advisor to the UK & EU Governments, and a published author

This has provided numerous national TV & Radio appearances on ITV & BBC national & local news as well as MasterChef, Great British Menu, Alan Titchmarsh, amongst many others. 

I look forward to meeting and chatting with you. Cheers, Michelle

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Habit forming?

Each course uses habit forming as a basis, forming new healthier, sustainable habits can be challenging, however Clippy's approach focuses on small incremental changes which over a period of time become part of your daily routine. Following the 4 steps can help to re-address that imbalance. 


Clippy's four habit rules:

1. It should be obvious something needs to change.

2. It should be an attractive habit to adopt.

3. It should be easy to introduce and sustain.

4. It should be satisfying when it becomes part of a daily routine.

Building healthy habits: 

With a selection of workshops & courses, each one can be tailored to fit your needs and preferences. With over 25 years of experience. Use the contact form to find out how Clippy's can help. 


"Michelle from Clippy's delivers numerous Community workshops, running many different sessions across our range of services. Always friendly and professional in her approach. Her manner is very reassuring, and learners quickly build a good rapport with her. This means they become more open to adapt to a healthier lifestyle, which they previously were adamant they would not like. It’s always a pleasure to work with Clippy's, she's very passionate and an advocate for change in our communities"

Healthy Me Healthy Communities

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