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My name is Clippy McKenna

Founder of the Clippy’s brand, helping people build healthier habits, thinking about food & lifestyle choices and how these effect you, your family, friends and work colleagues. Focusing on cooking from scratch in groups or private 1-2-1's, I can help you achieve that stress free family dinner or cooking to a budget, learning how to batch cook to save time money as well as delving into my top tips for creating new habits that will help you in these crazy busy lives we lead. 

As a Mum & food entrepreneur - I know how challenging it is to find balance and meaning in our hectic lives. Coupled with the cost of living crisis and health issues bought on by unhealthy diet choices and less active lifestyles. I developed a number of courses to help everyone feel stronger, fitter and healthier.

A goal measures success but it is not as effective as creating changes in behaviour, a habit creates repetitive behaviours which in turn become part of you. 

In order to effectively change your habits, there are 4 basic rules that we can cover in our sessions and these will help to create & build healthier habits:


  1. It should be obvious

  2. It should be attractive

  3. It should be easy

  4. It should be satisfying 


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Fruits and Vegetables

Building healthy habits 

Hi I'm Clippy, with 25 years of experience coaching & teaching healthy habits pertaining to diet & lifestyle...


"Clippy delivers Community Cookery classes for Healthy Me Healthy Communities as a sessional worker, running many different sessions across our range of services. This varies from ‘cook and taste’ demonstrations to cookery courses attended by a core group of learners. Clippy is always friendly and professional in her approach. Her manner is very reassuring, and learners quickly build a good rapport with her. This means they become more open to trying new ingredients and taste combinations, which they previously were adamant they would not like. It’s always a pleasure to work with Clippy  as she brings great ideas and is obviously passionate about bringing more nutritious meals into everyday people’s kitchens."

Healthy Me Healthy Communities

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