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Life doesn't get 'feta' than this

Group training - habit changing pathways using food as the medium, a full day with lunch provided.

  • 6 hours
  • In house client site

Service Description

Achieve clarity and purpose in your life with help from Clippy's a personal development organisation focused on driving healthy and sustainable habits through the medium of food. The learnings and new skills acquired can then be applied to anything in life. Our program is designed to help you identify and understand your current habits surrounding diet and lifestyle, create a plan of action, and develop the skills and techniques you need to succeed. Through guidance, support and accountability, you'll take the necessary steps to make your dreams a reality. Life doesn't get 'feta' than this... A full training day, using the NHS Eatwell Guide as the base for starting to build healthier habits for the future. Participants will spend the morning learning about the EatWell alongside some fun food fact quizzes, lifestyle choices, food swaps, habit changing pathways, why do we need 5 a day and more. Debunk food myths - such as 'fresh' food is always better than tinned or frozen. Break for a fab lunch, then the afternoon is spent cooking a meal. Using all the elements we've learnt from the Eatwell guide. The participants will be able to take home their meal as well as certificate to show that they've completed this day's course. Course - Life doesn't get 'feta' than this

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