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Life doesn't get 'feta' than this

Group training - full day with lunch

  • 6 hours
  • In house client site

Service Description

All our courses are designed to suit your requirements, we can add change or develop custom packages. Working with individuals or groups, we can tailor this course to suit your criteria. Here at Clippy's we have multiple approaches to finding the best course to suit you. All courses are set up in a space you have chosen. All of the courses use habit forming as a basis, it's notoriously challenging to form new habits and it's increasingly difficult to change any existing habits - so before you even begin you're already thinking "wow, this is hard". It is difficult to break cycle/habit - we often employ enormous power to try and change only to fail, so my way helps to re-address that imbalance. Clippy's four habit rules: 1. The habit should be obvious - a habit that you want to change, e.g. no phone before bedtime - the blue light emitted from your phone supresses the bodies natural bedtime hormone called - melatonin. 2. The habit should be attractive - the more attractive the more likely you are to own it and make it part of you - I want to walk 10,000 steps as day, equals weight loss and the overall feeling of well-being. 3. It should be easy to follow - repeat that habit on a daily basis and it becomes easier, like drinking a class of water every morning upon waking. 4. The habit should be satisfying - make it a pleasurable experience, the more likely you are to stick to that habit. Such as walking those 10,000 steps, you can listen to new music or podcasts. Using the above we have a full training day, using the NHS Eatwell Guide as the base for starting to build healthier habits for the future. Participants will spend the morning learning about the EatWell alongside some fun food fact quizzes, lifestyle choices, food swaps, habit changing pathways, why do we need 5 a day and more. Debunk food myths - such as 'fresh' food is always better than tinned or frozen. Break for a fab lunch, cooked by Clippy, then the afternoon is spent cooking a family meal which can also be made for a couple or an individual. Using all the elements we've learnt from the Eatwell guide. The participants will be able to take home their meal as well as certificate to show that they've completed this day's course. Course - Life doesn't get 'feta' than this

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