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Fakeaway habits, debunking the myths

Taking the concept of takeaway and flipping it.

  • 3 hours
  • Client workspace

Service Description

What is a fakeaway? It is the trend of making healthier and lower cost takeaway-style food at home, rather than buying it from a food takeaway outlet. During covid and now the cost of living crisis, this particular trend has become part of a change in our behaviour pattern (see Clippy's 4 rules of habit changing, according to data released just after covid, 61% of the global population are cooking more meals at home, this trend is set to become the cultural norm, this is especially prominent with younger generations who have had to reassess their "dining out options" and have adopted the concept of the "fakeaway meal" at home to utilise their free time and ensure they adopt a healthier and more balanced diet. This course is fun and interactive workshop featuring homemade burgers, chow mien, kebabs, cookies, muffins, cheats pizza's. You can take what you've made home or we can sit together and eat whilst having a chat - it's very convivial and works well in community and corporate environments. Did you know? A recent "YouGov poll recently said that as a nation 7% of people in the UK eat ‘junk food’ every day. A further 40% eat convenience food at least once a week with Chinese, Indian and pizza as some of the most popular takeaway options in the UK. According to KPMG, the UK consumer spends an average of £641 a year on takeaways"! That's money towards a summer holiday... How do we make it healthier but still super tasty? For example a pizza from a takeaway is loaded with fat, salt and sugar from the pizza sauce to the various high fat high salt toppings. Here at Clippy's fakeaway, we make our own 5 veggie secret pizza sauce topping which is then blended to a smooth consistency, then we add various toppings such as cooked chicken & roasted peppers, mushroom & garlic, prawn & chilli. Topped off with grated mozzarella and fresh basil. A 12in takeaway pizza has a whopping 1,800 calories & 76.6g of fat. Course - Fakeaway habits, debunking the myths

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