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"Brilliant food by an everyday Mum"

Clippy McKenna founded the Clippy’s brand in 2008. She is an everyday Mum obsessed with creating brilliant food.  Her cordials, conserves, relishes, chutneys, savoury jellies and chilli marmalades are available in supermarkets across the U.K. and beyond.

Clippy is single-handedly taking on the European Union and the U.K. Government in a battle to call her lower sugar level, fruit-tastic conserves ‘jam’.

In 2012, Clippy won ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ at the Inspiring Women’s Awards.

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Clippy in a box of apples
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Clippy's new cordials
11th Apr 2014

Clippy's cordials are NATURALLY 37% lower in calories with no artificial sweeteners.  Click here for details.

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01st Mar 2014

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Clippy McKenna's Book - the perfect gift!
28th Feb 2014

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BBC Breakfast interview with Clippy
16th Mar 2013
...about the daft EU Jam Regulations
Clippy on Alan Titchmarsh show
22nd Feb 2012

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